Moyo O. Adeolu is a first-generation Nigerian-American born and raised in Chicago. She is an innovative, creative multimedia storyteller, journalist, on-air correspondent, and videographer who serves as a trustworthy voice for local communities and beyond. Moyo has paved a path for herself specializing in digital storytelling.

In addition, she has crafted a strong online platform for herself. Moyo is currently a graduate student enrolled in UIS's Public Affairs Reporting Program. She will obtain her Master's degree in May of 2021. Her previous experience has landed her roles such as CBS Radio, and the Illinois State Senate. Whether she is in front of the lens or behind, Moyo is capable of producing honest, news stories that viewers can understand. Her love for both broadcast and social media inspired her to produce her own digital series, "Making It".  The show features entrepreneurs and talented individuals who are making their goals happen, regardless of the obstacles they face. Making it' happen, is an affirmation that Moyo actively lives by and encourages others to as well. 

Moyo is always looking to collaborate with other media professionals and brands that share common values.